Personal Fundraising Websites – What Are They and How to Use Them?

If you’ve ever donated online, it’s more than likely been to a charity and done through the likes of JustGiving or FirstGiving. However, people don’t just fundraise for charity – a growing trend is personal fundraising.


This ranges from fundraising for something you are doing, a product or service, or raising money for a loved one in need. And thanks to social networks, it has never been easier to get the word out about your cause.


Websites such as Kickstarter are all about raising money for your creative idea or project. Whereas sites such as Causewish are centered around raising money for medical bills and expenses. Naturally, the site that you choose will depend on why you’re raising money.


How Do You Actually Receive the Money?


One of the things that worries many people is how they actually receive the money they raise. Thankfully, the most popular fundraising websites have made this easy. You’ll either receive a check in the post for the money you raise or the funds will be deposited straight into your PayPal account. Then, you simply deposit the funds into your bank account – simple!



Will Strangers Donate?


On sites such as Kickstarter, strangers will donate as you’re offering a great reward in return. However, on other sites you should not just expect strangers to donate. Unless a cause goes viral the vast majority of donors will be friends, family and their extended networks.



How do I Ensure I’m Successful?


You need to build a great campaign page and share your fundraising page with everyone you know. Build a story, get others involved and make them want to be part of your cause. Keep followers and backers updated throughout the fundraising process


Ready to start your personal fundraising campaign. Check out this page for a list of the best sites.