Fundraising For Individuals

Looking for a fundraising website for individuals? Perhaps you want to raise money for a personal project, plan, cause or event? Our recommended fundraising website is Go Get Funding. You can learn more about it on our best fundraising websites post.

However, before you jump to those tips, read these essential tips on reaching your fundraising goal when fundraising for yourself.


Tips For Fundraising For Yourself:

  • When creating your fundraiser, remember as it’s all about you, you need to create a personal connection between yourself and the audience.  The ways to do this is to explain your story and why you are raising funding. Tell the audience about personal events, good or bad, that led you to the fundraiser. In addition, it’s absolutely vital that you include at least a few pictures of yourself in the fundraiser. There’s nothing worse that a faceless fundraiser. For those that want to go the extra mile, create a video to support your funding project. Talk through your fundraiser in a natural manner to really give the audience a chance to get to know you and feel your passion.
  • As people are fundraising for you, they clearly want to build a greater connection and relationship with you. Go Get Funding lets you set rewards for various pledge levels. Offer rewards that are all about you. For example, you could send those that pledge beyond a certain amount a personal thank you video. For those that pledge higher sums, get more involved. Offer rewards like taking the person to dinner (if it isn’t too costly!) or going for drinks.
  • Create a sense of community. Go Get Funding’s transparent funding projects help you do this but you can go the extra mile. When writing updates for your fundraiser, give a special mention to all those that have contributed so far. Tag and post the names of all those that have contributed so far on Facebook and invite others to become part of the list. People want to be part of something – let them be part of your fundraiser.


Last Words:

Fundraisers for individuals can often raise more money than fundraisers for charity because others know exactly who the money is going to. Take this inherent benefit and take it a step further by following through with all the above steps. That will help ensure you raise the funds you need.