3 Unusual Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers can get a little draining for the person running and fundraiser and for the person listening to the calls for money. Therefore, it’s always good to add some spice to your fundraiser to increase interest and even cause some controversy!

Here are 3 unusual fundraising ideas that are easy to implement:


1. Offer rewards to everyone

It can be a saddening feeling when you drop your money in a donation box and barely get a smile in return. The truth is, everyone wants something for their money – no matter how much one contributes. Therefore, it’s a great idea to offer rewards to everyone that contrbutes no matter how much it is. The rewards don’t have to be expensive, they should just give the backer a warm and fuzzy feeling which makes them happy about contributing.

Fundraising website Go Get Funding requires that you offer thoughtful rewards to those that pledge.  This is a great way to build interest and get the donations pouring in.


2. More money = more punishment

Its no secret that many of us take pleasure in other peoples pain. Therefore, why not increase punishment to a certain person for the each pound or dollar that is pledged. For example, every £10 milestone could mean an additional water bomb in the face of the fundraiser or someone else that’s a key part of the initiative.


3. Money for kisses

We know about the traditional way of raising money through kisses. A pretty (and willing woman) sits in a booth while a bunch of guys line up to kiss her for a pound or two. However, another angle that this idea can be used is if the woman was to actually go round to guys and ask them for money in exchange for a kiss. That puts them on the spot, gets them rather flustered and is sure to force a handful of change out of those every-tightening pockets!


We hope you enjoyed those unusual fundraising ideas. Get more fundraising tips on our fundraising page.