Best Fundraising Websites

After our previous analysis, the fundraising website that comes out tops for you to raise money online is…..

Go Get Funding
“The place to raise money for everyday, to life-changing plans and projects.”

The reasons for why we think it’s the best fundraising website is because:

  • You can raise money for just about any event, project, plan and cause
  •  You get your own project page with a progress bar that tracks pledges
  •  Fees are significantly lower than all other fundraising websites
  •  You can easily share your fundraising page on all social networks
  • You can add video to your fundraiser and additional pictures in the description

In addition to that, here are the things that make Go Get Funding really unique:

  • You can offer thoughtful rewards for different pledge levels. For example, you give someone that contributes $50 a special thank you on your website. This innovative concept really helps get your fundraiser going and it gives people an extra incentive to pledge
  • Go Get Funding is not a closed network like most other fundraising sites. It is more like a community and to the benefit of all, that community pledges to projects in all types of categories they believe in. That increases the chances of being able to get funding from strangers.


How Do I Fundraise on Go Get Funding?

Fundraising with Go Get Funding is pretty simple but here are some additional tips that should help you reach your fundraising target:

  • Create a great fundraising project. That will not only increase the chances of getting funding from people you know, but it will also maximize the chance of getting funding from strangers. Tips for creating a great fundraiser include using a video in your funding project, including great pictures, thinking up thoughtful rewards for various funding levels, explaining your story and why your cause is worth backing and keeping your project updated in order to convince others to pledge.
  • Share the project on each of your social networks at least three times. This is the optimal number of times you should reach out for support to make sure it stays fresh in people mind but to prevent it becoming an annoyance. Spread the requests via social network out by around 1.5 – 2 weeks.
  • Ask you family and friends for support directly. Directly means communicating with them by text, email or phone. For the first two methods, you can easily include the link to your funding project and it’ll be hard for people to avoid it. Telling people in person is a very powerful way of spreading the message and getting funding. Although you wont be able to give these people the link to your project, tell them what to search for on Go Get Funding. Each person has their own profile with a picture so it should be easy for others to find your project.
  • Get your closest friends and family to spread the word about your project too. That includes asking them to share it on their own social media accounts and telling people in person. Don’t pressurize others but gently request them to spread the word.
  •  You could post the link to your project on other relevant groups and pages on social networks such as Facebook. Remember, don’t SPAM and keep it as on topic and un-intrusive as possible.
  • For causes that you think have the ability to capture the interest of a wider audience, consider contacting your local media outlets to see if they’ll give you some coverage. You could contact local TV stations, radio stations and newspapers. They’re often willing to help promote unusual, interesting or passionate causes.


Final Fundraising Tips

It’s a great feeling when you have pledges coming in for your fundraiser. However, many people simply sit back and hope pledges will continue to flow in. Don’t do that.

When fundraising, keep your audience engaged and updated. Go Get Funding has an updates section which you should use to continually inform your followers on how the fundraise is going and even what they can do to help. Building this mini community will ensure you reach your target and attract those that haven’t pledged money to you yet.

All of the above should hold you in very good stead to now create your own fundraiser. Visit Go Get Funding and start your fundraiser now.


Other Fundraising Websites

Here are a list of great alternative fundraising websites if the above does not meet your needs:


Kickstarter – creative projects

CauseWish – medical fundraising

Crowdrise – fundraising for charity

AppBackr – app fundraising

Razoo – non-profit fundraising


We also recommend you check out this page which showcases some of the best fundraising websites.